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Winning The ‘Dating Game’ Every Time

Plans are laid, your mouth is dry, and somehow you just can’t stop your hands from shaking. You’re supposed to be picking your date up in an hour, yet your hair won’t do what you want, your palms are sweaty and nervous energy surrounds your body like a cocoon. Dating is like a game, the […]

Why You Know He Won’t Ring You

You’re on your first date, a little nervous, trying to loosen up, so you have a martini –or two or three – before dinner. Then some wine with dinner. Suddenly you find yourself talking about your ex-boyfriend (he was such an asshole! Nothing like the guy you’re out with tonight!). And then that other ex-boyfriend […]

The Best Place To Find Suitable Single People

Many people refer to dating as a game. It’s understandable. I mean, you go out and try to figure out in a few hours whether or not the man or woman sitting across the table from you is worth going out with again. People in the dating game make up elaborate plans in order to […]

How To Have A Great Date Without The Expense

One very real barrier to a lot of people when it comes to their social lives is their wallet. A flash date can cost hundreds of dollars, and many people just don’t have that kind of money to play around with. But the good news is you can have a great date without all that […]

5 Date Ideas That Won’t Cost A Penny

Are you running a little low on cash, but still want to impress a woman? Wouldn’t five date ideas that wouldn’t cost a penny be extremely helpful, right about now? Of course they would. Even if you were loaded with cash, five date ideas that wouldn’t cost you a penny would be helpful! Below you’ll […]

2 Ways To Keep The First Date Conversation Flowing

A first date can be extremely awkward. Both of you are nervous and trying to make a good first impression. Maybe you’re not the most confident person either, which makes keeping the conversation flowing a bit more difficult. When people become nervous and unsure of themselves, they tend to clam up, believing that it’s better […]